• Since travel plans to arrive in Hanoi at only 1 week and I do not have much time to learn about Hanoi. But when it comes to your country I am really impressed and attracted about human life Hanoi. Instead of the hustle bustle as many other of the country's capital, Hanoi human life so simple and quiet, everyone seemed very happy and comfortable with their lives despite everything seems lack. I will return to Hanoi and will stay longer to be able to experience life as a person of Hanoi.
    Charles Kim
    American traveller
  • I went to Vietnam 2 times and the most impressive thing I do that is the cuisine. Believe me, you can not ignore the real street food attractive, not only for its taste but also because it was a really interesting experience.
    Diego Matteo
    Italian traveller
  • Many friends suggested going to the Temple of Literature, I was a little curious. And then I saw 1 hour at this place is really worthwhile. My impression from the entrance with very subtle design. And indeed there are many things about the history of a monument like this, fortunately with tour guide helped me understand more about it. Besides, I also bought a few souvenirs for friends quite like the relatives.
    Undare Sakiah
    Indian traveller
  • I was really impressed about Old Quarter. Although there is a little messy but there is plenty to do here especially buy souvenirs for friends and relatives. Walking along the Sword Lake in the morning, join the exercise with the locals and one is indispensable enjoy street food.
    Michael Radder
    English traveller
  • Hanoi has such a unique attractiveness that does not make me want to leave. Every time I leave Hanoi, I feel like crying and I always want to return to Hanoi as soon as possible. It is my honor to say that Hanoi will always be in my heart and together with the people of Hanoi, I want to preserve this city
    Philippe Chaplain
    Former President National Heritage Federation France
  • I really love Vietnam. I love the ancient beauty and the quietness of this city, specially the hospitality and the open-mindedness of the Vietnamese people in general and the Hanoians in particular.
    Oleg Ischenko
    Ukraine Entrepreneur
  • I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations for being a friendship connection and for promoting mutual understanding between the diplomatic community and the people of Vietnam. Thanks to your activities, you have created an adequate environment on the basis of multiple fields and have helped us learn more about the culture and national identities of Vietnam.
    El Houcine Fardani
    Ambassador of Morocco in Vietnam
  • I confirm that HAUFO has created a friendship connection which significantly encourages the diplomatic community to take part in those activities.
    Pitono Purnomo
    Former Ambassador Indonesia in Vietnam
  • I feel very lucky and happy to be the representative of a country to Vietnam. I love walking around Hanoi where parks, lakes, old and modern streets, create a harmonious picture of urban landscape. The people of Hanoi are civilized , hard-working, creative and hospitable.
    Fredesman Turro Gonzalez
    Ambassador Cuba in Vietnam
  • A scholar once said: “If you have somewhere to live, it is your home. If you have somebody to love, they are your family. If you have both, it is fortune”. I feel fortunate in being part of this friendship city. There are moments which are the momentous turning-point of life. They differentiate what happens before and after. Many foreigner shared with me the same thoughts: “If you can feel your love for Hanoi, your life will change”.
    Katherine Muller-Marin
    Representative Offices UNESCO in Vietnam
  • While I am working in Vietnam, I always consider Vietnam my fatherland. Now it is time for me to say goodbye to Hanoi. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all my Vietnamese friends, especially HAUFO’s officials who have worked to consolidate and promote the solidarity, friendship and traditional cooperation between Vietnam and other countries in the world.
    Valery Pribytkov
    Russian Embassy In Vietnam
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